I don’t claim to be a master of music in any way. However, I can say I know a good band when I hear it. Based on this album I can tell you Kye Kye is a great band. The members in the band are clearly masters of their art. Kye kye have managed to successfully merge two seemingly different genres. This indie/ alternative/ electronic album is enjoyable from start to finish. From the very first song you know that what you are about to listen to will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Well, from personal experience, I can say your ears are in for a real treat.

Kye kye are a band originally from Estonia (somewhere in Northern Europe). Currently they are based in Portland, Oregon. Since their debut album in 2011 they have taken on the world by storm. Their latest album “Fantasize” will not be a disappointment, whether you’re new to Kye kye or a long time fan. If you’d like to know more about the band you should check out the article on RELEVANT MAGAZINE.

Each song is a great melody, an impressive harmony of different sounds and instruments that get fused in an amazing way. Kye kye have a very unique sound, from the first song “I Already See It” which brings you straight into their distinct style, to the last “Celeste” which ends us off with a calmer version of the band, but one we still like to hear. In the middle you have the albums name sake, the song “Fantasize”, a short yet glorious symphony of music that rises and falls, with amazing lyrics that makes you want to listen to it more. My personal favourite is “People”, the third track on the album. This song is about trying to be happy with yourself, not looking to others for approval, and the struggle of doing so.

I think one of the best parts about this album is how readily available it is. The band has gone to the effort of making sure that their music can reach as wide an audience as possible. This album can be found on their website, as well as Soundcloud, Youtube, and multiple other websites, free and ready to be listened to by you. However, after listening to their album you’ll definitely want to buy it to support such an amazing band.

I highly recommend this album to anyone searching to add something new and exciting to their playlist.

Stay awesome everyone.


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