It has been a long time since I have given an album 5 stars. I do not think that there has been a rock album released for a while now that can rival this one. Not even previous achievements from Disciple are as good as this. So spoiler alert, this album is good. In fact, I am going to state here that I believe this album is the best rock/hard rock album of the year. Here’s why…

I am not going to say here that the reason for this album’s success is the independent nature of it, and I mean that literally because Disciple developed this title independent of a label. So no, I do not think that it is because of the label. I am going to say here that I am proud of Kevin and the guys for standing strong in their beliefs and never wavering no matter what the obstacle.

The success of this album for me is the unashamedly invigorating way in which the band is able to morph their incredible musical talent with lyrics that are not “cheesy” or “over-used”. Instead, each song tells a story, and each story sends a message, and each message can have a positive effect on someone.

Titled ‘Attack’, you can expect just that, an album that attacks your senses in every way possible, but just as you think it is getting too much, a ballad arrives to save the day. The flow of the album shows experience and grace from the band members. Praise is not only due to the band, but also to Travis Wyrick who managed to produce a quality product.

This album combines old school Disciple rock riffs with new school Disciple indie vibes. The blend creates a new sound for the band, and results in an album that you can listen to again and again. For me, one of the elements of this album that solidifies the 5 star rating is the fact that I believe whether you are a fan of rock or not, you will enjoy this album. I know that rock is not everyone’s cup of tea, but what I do know is that this album has it all: fantastic riffs; awesome (as always) vocals; a message in the music; and most importantly, a diversity that does not detract from the album.

So there it is, in my opinion the best album of the year, the only problem is that it hasn’t landed in South Africa yet, but don’t worry too much, we are working on that.

So do yourself a favour, click here to buy the album.

Have a rocking week.


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