Let me start off by firstly saying it’s great to know that there are more and more Christian artists in South Africa. It’s an exciting time and exciting things lie ahead for Christian music in our beautiful country.

Neville D is a talented singer and songwriter here in South Africa. He’s definitely an artist we should all look out for. All the songs on this album are unique, embracing difference. Each song has an awesome blend of an old school style of worship with some new sounds. The songs take themes from the Bible, and then Neville D, along with other South African artists, praise God for what he’s done. Almost every song on this album has an accompanying artist.

My favourite track on this album is “Power in your Name”. The song is another great example of the uniqueness of every track. This song specifically speaks about the awesome power in the name of Jesus, acting as a reminder to us all about His greatness. The featured artist in this song, Lindi Delport, compliments Neville D and the song beautifully.

Overall, I can say this album embraces its title, having beauty in difference. This concept mirrors the many cultural differences we find here in South Africa. I can say personally that this is not necessarily the kind of music that I normally listen to. Yet, there were some songs I could listen to over and over again. With so many different songs and unique featuring artists, Neville D has managed to blend these differences into a unique listening experience.

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