Rush of fools is a contemporary rock band from Alabama, in the US of A. They started out in 2005, releasing their first album in 2007. Since then have had many successful album releases. This new album is no different. Their sound is great and when you listen to this album you will know that this is a bunch of talented musicians. Each song has very deep lyrics and great instrumentals that follow.

This album is quite an adventure for any music fan.  The album starts off with “Take Me Over”, a great upbeat song to get listeners into the style of the band. As the album progresses we get some more great some, and really deep lyrics. The songs talk about how our “debt” is nailed to the cross, about power in the blood of Jesus. This is a great worship album. There is a very distinct and great sound coming from the band, and they add their own sound to some new worship songs. The underlying message of the whole album is that Jesus will carry us through our struggles, through our worries, and through any difficulties we may have.

It’s a great worship album. Any Christian music fan would surely enjoy having this album. The pacing is great, and each song is clearly very unique. It is an honest album, giving praise to God in everything. From the upbeat songs to the slower ones new and old fans will enjoy what this band has to offer. Their distinct and unique sound comes through in all their songs.

My personal favourite is “In All Things” which has some excellent lyrics that accompany some amazing sounds coming from the bands instruments. The song speaks about how God’s goodness in all situations and circumstances.

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