DNA.  I love that this album’s name is DNA.  It speaks of Jesus being within us, engraved on our hearts and the daily process of realigning oneself with Him.  All the songs speak of the outrageous Love and Grace of God and how we are born of our Father’s image.  What a moving and encouraging album!

Firstly, thank you Ian Yates for pursuing the amazing talents God has given you, using them to glorify Him and for blessing all those who hear your music!  Secondly, thank you 7Core Music for investing in Ian Yates – he is truly a great and innovative worship leader.

Ian Yates and his wife, Kate, stay in Liverpool (which already makes them fantastic!) and Ian leads various events and churches in musical worship all over the UK.  You can download his new album on iTunes from his website:http://ianyatesmusic.com/

So, the album: I found  myself jamming to almost all of the tunes while listening to it on repeat last night! Definitely jam-worthy worship here.  The album displays truly innovative indie-alternative-electro-rocky worship, with a very full sound and unusual mixture of chord progressions.  The electro elements and underlying bass are fresh!  Each song also has the sincerest words and appropriate, contemplative open spaces at the perfect times.

Track 4, Innocent is where the vibe is at! Such an infectious rhythm with frequent gaps of stillness that let us really digest the positive and inspiring words.  And if you’re like me, a sucker for the more mellow worshipping songs, experience Track 6, God I Need You.  Honest and heart-rending.  Track 10, We Enjoy You really brings something new to the ‘conventional’ lyrics we might be used to in worshipping songs.  So refreshing.

One thing that us as the writers at Rocking it Christian Style look for is fresh and innovative Christian and worshipping music.  This is it.

Big love,




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