Waken is a new up and coming indie worship band out of FT Lauderdale, Florida. This, their first EP, has proven to be a great start to the bands journey.

The EP consists of four tasty songs that give you a sneak peak into the vibe and heart of this band. When the band chatted to another media agent they stated that their goal is to develop a new form of corporate worship. When I hear the term corporate worship I get excited. The world is changing and the way that people worship is changing, so then why should worship not change along with it? What Waken are proposing is new worship music with an even newer sound.

So far so good. The first tracks kicks off the EP, and the career of this band with immense hope and positive drive. “We will run” lets you peak into what this band can do instrumentally, creating a vibe through their music while remaining true to their dream of developing new worship songs.

For me the excitement builds with tracks 3 and 4 when we hear Abbey and Rachel (the two female vocalists). Now I won’t know for certain who is who until we chat to them, but both these ladies have voices that work spectacularly with the vibe Waken is trying to create.

The point of this EP is to give you a hint as to what the band can produce. Thus I am leaving my rating as a 4, because I believe that Waken are able to produce a full length album that shakes the worship world. Because of that expectation, I am waiting in great anticipation; and you should be too.

To listen to their EP click here.

Song of the week goes to “We will run”

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