I know as followers of Jesus, we’re not meant to have favourites, but flip… Josh Garrels is something else. He is an immensely talented singer, song-writer and musician, but what is the most amazing is his brave, desperate and absolute heart for Jesus.

He recently released his latest album, Home, both on iTunes and Noisetrade. It take a special kind of faith and obedience to make your entire collection of work freely available with the risk of not receiving anything in return. This said, the album is undeniably glorious.

It is characteristically honest, intimate, fresh and musically intricate. Everything including the gentle vocals and guitar noodling, the orchestral compilations and his ridiculous falsetto, and combination of symbolic and overtly truthful lyrics, reflect Josh’s heart of love and praise. The album invites us to investigate and reflect on our ideals of home, of continuous seeking and of being born again. Love it.

I feel so richly and deeply blessed while listening to the album (on repeat for hours) and I feel like all I can do is thank God for blessing this world through Josh Garrels! Go buy his album!


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