Providence is a gospel-centred church in Austin, Texas. Their aim is to understand the gospel in all its fullness and apply it to all of life.

Their E.P, which can be downloaded here, is a beautiful collection of hymns declaring what Jesus has done for his people. The title track, “How Firm the Foundation”, starts the album on an upbeat note with its catchy beat and blend of acoustic and electric guitars. The male and female vocals compliment each other perfectly not just in the opening song, but throughout the entire album.

Providence have altered the hymns from their original composition to a more folky, upbeat form in such a way that the true meaning and message behind the hymns are not lost.

On the whole, the sound of How Firm the Foundation is soft, gentle and melodious – progressing from an upbeat nature to one of worship (the album ends off with “Amazing Grace”).

Personally, this has recently been my go-to album during quiet times and when I just feel like worshipping. If, like me, you enjoy folk, worship and old hymns, I really recommend downloading it!!

Peace and Love


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