So it’s almost time for the three-piece folk band’s latest release, Kids These Days, which is set to be out on the 9th of September.

According to Brian MacDonald (mandolin) the album has a “young and free feel to it”. I personally see them following a similar trend to Rend Collective’s latest album The Art of Celebration, with light-hearted lyrics, sounds of happiness and joy and songs of praise. MacDonald goes on to say “Kids These Days is about making the choice to be happy and content with our current situations.”

The “youthful” theme runs, not only though the joyful/care-free melodies, but also in the lyrics. Lead-singer, Judah Akers, sings about issues pertinent to “Kids These Days” I guess! :p Songs sharing one’s fear for the unknown, excitement for what’s to come, hope for the future and being content with the present.

As someone who is in his early 20’s I really connect with Judah’s latest venture. It is an album filled with energy, joy and honest/heart-felt lyrics. I know many people’s critique of country/bluegrass is the fact that a lot of it sounds the same. I, however, cannot fault this album on that. Kids These Days is packed with variety. Straying somewhat from the overall feel of the album is my favourite song “Water” with its rock-type riffs and vocals.

This band is growing from strength to strength and I am excited to see where God leads them! I highly recommend that you support these guys and purchase this album on September 9th!

Peace and Love



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