Anberlin is an American band from Florida. The band has been going since 2002, and since the beginning they have been releasing great albums. Their latest album, Lowborn, is no exception.  From start to finish, Anberlin once again proves to us that they are one of the best rock bands out there. Each song has its own theme and message for us.

The album starts with “We Are Destroyer”, an amazing song about the kind of people that we come across in society today. This song speaks to a generation of people that need to be better than generations that have come before them. This album was clearly not meant to be a light hearted listen. Instead, Anberlin have written songs that can be taken to heart. It’s a refreshing change from mainstream music, and this is where Anberlin really shines.

There seems to be one single theme that Anberlin highlights in each song. This is a theme of improvement and bettering oneself. However, there is a hint of hope in every song, the hope and knowledge that we can be better. With most of these songs, Anberlin don’t expressively sing about God or their faith. However, it is through this theme of hope that we get the feeling that the hope is in God.

This album has a touch of sadness though. From start to finish it is enjoyable to listen to, and there is no doubt in my mind that each and every member of the band is extremely talented. However, this is the last album that Anberlin will be releasing together. This album, and this album tour, will be the last time these members will perform under the banner “Anberlin”. Each member is going their own way, but there are no hard feelings amongst its members.

For their last album, Anberlin have ended with a bang. Anberlin have definitely created a masterpiece with this album. I’m excited to hear more about the future of each of the members of Anberlin, and where the road takes them. My personal favourite song on this album is “Stranger Ways”, a song about finding truth and searching for answers.

I highly recommend this album; it’s a great listen for fans of Anberlin and rock in general.

Stay awesome everyone



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