Vintage Kings is a four piece rock band that was founded in 2011 with the desire to share their musical passion with the world…and One Life is definitely not short of passion.

With a total of ten tracks this record is a little bit shorter than your average record, but what it lacks in length it most certainly makes up for in quality and enthusiasm. This is a good, old fashioned, rock album. The beauty is in the simplicity of its sound. I think it is very easy when working in the music industry for a band to lose itself in an attempt to conform to what they think people will like to listen to. Vintage Kings have not done this however. Instead they have stuck to their own standards and made a solid rock record that is just full of slamming guitar solos, ribcage rattling drum beats and passionately delivered vocals.

In terms of lyrics you get track after track of meaningful, relevant tracks lyrics. As far as I can tell, and given that the records name is One Life, the central theme that this record addresses is our own mortality. So not only does this record provide profound thought provoking lyrics, but mortality is a subject that everyone can connect to, and thus I believe a lot of people will fall in love with these tracks. I’m reminded of a popular track by Irish rock band, The Script, named “Live like We’re Dying” when I listen to many of these lyrics. In addition to these meaningful lyrics this record delivers the kind of sound that any rock loving person would really enjoy jamming along to.

I do feel that this is the kind of record that you can listen to over and over again. The sound is consistent enough that pretty much all the tracks are within the same range of awesomeness and therefore are a pleasure to listen to, while at the same time each track is individual enough relative to the others that  you don’t get bored listening to the entire record from start to finish.

Overall this is a solid record, with a great sound, interesting lyrics and plenty of room to grow and develop into something even more awesome

Song of The Week goes to: “Look Me in the Eye”

Record Rating: 4/5

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