Resuscitate is the second studio album to be released by Remedy Drive. Before this record was released, this band was just barely clinging to what little life it had left. With the release of Resuscitate however, Remedy Drive has been injected with new, vibrant, explosive life. This record is a tribute to David Zach, the lead singer and only remaining member of the original band, and his tenacity and synergy with his new members.

The record is a little bit shorter than most albums, with only 10 tracks running 36 minutes, however Resuscitate is a powerful rock album, jam-packed with encouraging and inspiring messages. Remedy Drive have showed us that they want to be one of the most continues to be one of the most dynamic and meaningful acts in today’s modern rock world. Whether singing of their daily dependence on God throughout ‘Better Than Life’ or offering enormous praise throughout ‘Glory,’ there’s plenty of meat in the messages within these tracks. In terms of lyrics it is hard to find tracks that are more passionately sung.

After four years you might have expected a record that was more polished and professional, with something more. I know that the road for Remedy Drive hasn’t been the smoothest, but I do still with this record was lacking slightly, but only slightly.

Although this isn’t quite the breath of fresh air I was hoping for, Resuscitate still succeeds in being a pretty solid pop rock record, displaying enough highlights to get by. On the positive side, the creative use of keyboards woven into the fabric of many of these songs is truly striking. Despite their tough past, I was very pleased to find that this record was full of guitar driven, piano pop and raw organic rock moments, that make me think of bands such as Switchfoot or Kutless.

Resuscitate reveals beautiful moments of focused clarity, contrasted by cries of feeling lost; sparkling piano, clever lyrics, solid drums, and well-crafted vocals, all of which come together to spread a little light into the world, reminding us that God is near. As a whole this record has given us many moments to mull over and it shows a lot of potential for the band’s future. I think the new lineup is going to carry on well from where the band had left off.

Song of the Week: “Glory”

Stay handsome Samuel L. Jackson


Similar artists: Switchfoot, Run Kid Run, Hawk Nelson, The Afters


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