Upon listening to this record for the first time, Run River North’s music bears a striking resemblance to that of, Of Monsters and Men, from the vocal harmonies to the subdued guitar lines and captivating choruses. When it comes to music, there are some albums that sound organic; they tap into a pure, unspoiled well of emotion that creates something spectacular. Albums such as these that sound abnormal are a rare treat.

Southern California indie folk group Run River North have dug deep and managed to produce a self-titled debut that taps into the roots of traditional folk blended with a grand, ensemble sound.

With the indie folk scene booming the way it has been lately, with so many good, new bands sprouting up every day, it is hard to stand out from the rest in terms of sound and musical quality. Run River North have not only been able to produce a professional and mature sounding album, they have also managed to provide listeners with heart felt lyrics, upbeat highs and thought-provoking lows, but as far as musicality goes, this is the kind of quality you would expect from a mature and long running band.

Run River North have managed to produce a debut record that is of the highest quality that is sure to act as a ‘spring board’ ready to catapult them into a very exciting and fruitful future in the music industry. I personally am really excited to see what is to come for them in the next couple of years.

Song of the Week has to be: ‘Excuses’

Stay fly guys


Similar Artists: Matthew Mole, Glen Hartmann, Sons of the East


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