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Dove Award-nominated Irish worshippers continue to break new ground with their fourth, and highly anticipated, album aptly named The Art of Celebration which is to be released on St. Patrick’s Day (17th of March 2014).

“As a band we have found it to be the joy of the Lord that sustains us. It is His joy that strengthens us in times of difficulty and it is His joy that we want to share to others,” says Rend Collective band leader, Gareth Gilkenson.

The album is brimming with a heartening, triumphant, foot-stomping energy that boldly proclaims the wonder of the Gospel. The opening track, “Joy”, firmly thrusts the listener into a state of celebration and is strengthened by a seamless flow of songs declaring God’s love, grace, power and, of course, joy!

According to Gareth, they have kept things going as they have in the past, but this time have gone “a little bit wilder and weirder.” They convey their joyous message through a bemusing range of instruments. “Any instrument that makes us smile we used,” jokes Gareth. Everything from Irish folk instruments to synth-pop equipment was used – they even raided toy stores for instruments that “sound like fun”!

The Art of Celebration is bursting at the seams with incredible truths of His sovereignty. It encourages the listeners to rejoice in their suffering for His strength will see them through. Triumphant songs like “More than Conquerors” affirm the victory Jesus Christ achieved for Christians everywhere. It is truths like these that need to be spoken into the lives of the broken and downtrodden – The Art of Celebration is thus a welcome addition to the world of worship music. 

Although linked through the genre of “celebration”, each song is different, offering new sounds, stories and truths. Whether listening to the jubilant intro to “More than Conquerors” or the more folky verses of “Finally Free” or even the synth-pop sounds of “Joy” (Remix), there is something for everyone!

Starting off as a group of friends coming together, praying and seeking God, Rend Collective has compelled Christians everywhere to re-imagine what it means to live intentionally (both individually and as a community) and earnestly pursue His will for their lives.


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