Sometimes in life you’ll come across a song that captures you. It’ll stop you in your tracks…grabbing your full attention. “Show Me Love” was that song for me.

With all the hype surrounding the “$20 million-per-30 second adverts” during the Superbowl this year, I thought I’d give them a watch, and boy am I glad I did!!

A boy, tears streaming down his face, is typing frantically on his computer…”I hate u I hate u I HATE u…” Someone shouting “Loser!” comes through the speakers. “You’re ugly.” “You’re stupid”…the pace picks up, tension builds and then suddenly….the most beautiful harmony I have heard in a long while…“Don’t let me show cruelty, though I may make mistakes. Don’t let me show ugliness, though I know I can hate…”

The combination of powerful (yet simple) lyrics, ambient backing and the enchanting vocals were incredibly alluring. I had to find out who this band was. I just HAD to!

Welcome to my life, Hundred Waters.

Formed in 2011, this American, Indie quartet have received much critical acclaim for their blend of ambient, electronic and organic sounds.

The Moon Rang Like a Bell is their second studio album. Written whilst touring, it is inspired by long periods on the road and time spent in remote locations. Personally, I feel as though this comes through quite well. The album takes you on a long, introspective journey – an escape from the frantic pace of the world. The vocals of Nicole Miglis has a mystic quality that, when combined with the instrumentation and its build up of tension and calm release, whisks you away on somewhat of a transient voyage.

“You make these feelings go away…You, love who floods…”

Although it was the lyrics to “Show Me Love” that initially caught my ear, it feels as if the vocals add to (or even merge with) the instrumentation, leaving the lyrics secondary to the overall sound. Despite the powerful ambient nature of The Moon Rang Like a Bell, it does not fall into the trap of “all songs sound the same”. The journey progresses from the slow tempo of “Show Me Love” to the more upbeat nature of “Murmurs” and “Cavity”.

If, like me, you’ve been looking for something indie/electronic, then I strongly recommend you check these guys out!!

Peace and Love



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