So I downloaded this album a few weeks ago, coincidentally, as I sometimes do when I get my weekly new release emails from Noisetrade…  What a happy coincidence!  Ben Howard, Jon Foreman, Bon Iver, John Meyer or James Vincent McMorrow  fans – this is for you!

Upon hearing The Mountain for the first time, I found each song a continuation of the last, a journey of sorts.  At first I didn’t realise that Jordan Ruiz was singing about God, but after hearing Enough, Enough, it became clear that the lyrics of this album are not merely an expression of human emotions or experiences, but are heartfelt and honest poetry, testament to God’s love.  The journey begins…

Lyrics to Enough, Enough:

Lord of all light
I’m coming home, coming home
You will not deny
A broken heart, a broken soul
Reunion is my cry
Servanthood my goal
But you run to me and
Kiss my head, give me clothes 

Jordan describes the songs of this album as ones that “metaphorically document the change in seasons of life… a more intimate companion for those who know those changes well”.  The album appeals to a variety of triumphant, subdued and restful tones and stylistic choices.  Uplifting, contemplative, wonderful lyrics accompanying soft and soulful vocals – so pleasing to the ears!

The title of the album is wonderfully appropriate. Speaking of, not only God’s glorious creation but a mountain, a large steep hill. It’s life, right? Obstacles, plights that we try get past, overcome. This album tells a story of overcoming – Jesus’ overcoming and our reunion with Him.  One of my favourite songs from the album is A Darker Colour, give it a listen when you download the album here:

It is a song of hope amidst darkness – and we all need these words in our lives:

O my soul
Why are you downcast?
Praise the Lord
And find rest

In the first
In the only
Through the worst
Through the only

Jordan also has a blog which is worth checking out:

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