If ever there’s an intro to an album that has got me hooked it’s this one.

The sounds of an excited crowd waiting for a show to begin, joined by the band tuning their instruments, builds the listener’s anticipation and sets the stage for an incredibly emotional album. The violin and piano in the opening song “Breathe” produces a beauty that cannot be given justice through words alone.

The lyrics throughout the album are heartfelt and emotional – combine this with powerful vocals and you get an album that can pierce even the hardest of hearts. They blend strings, keys, percussion and voice in such a way that makes you want to fall to your knees in prayer.

Now I must admit that this is from someone who loves slow, heartfelt worship and this may not be your “cup of tea”, but I really want to urge you to go onto Noisetrade and give them a listen!

Oh, Spirit of God
Here with us now, give in us life again
Breathe, breathe on us now
Fill us with Your love
Send us with Your power
Spirit of God


Peace and Love


Similar artists: Gungor, All Sons and Daughters


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