Welcome to the eighth studio album by arguably one of the most successful Christian bands of all time. These guys have been making music and glorifying God for 10 years. Their new album entitled “welcome to the new” sheds light on something new from the band. I have listened to the band for many years and even now I say that this new album of theirs has something fresh.

I was discussing the album with one of our other writers and we both agreed that a couple of the songs on the track namely Greater, felt as though they belonged on the stage being sung by a cast of a musical. I liked this vibe I must be honest.

The album’s most successfully song is Shake while it shakes you into movement when you hear it. I thoroughly enjoy it, but it is by no means the only great song on the album. I feel that the rip-roaring bridges on this album is what makes it stand out as something fresh and new for the band. They have created a solid experience.

I have spoken to one or too people that feel that the album is too close to bubble-gum pop for their liking and that the album is too loud at times. Contradicting ideas if you ask me. I feel that this album epitomises the saying “If it is too loud, you are too old”. I kept wanting to turn the music louder, and then louder again. 

I have very few critiques for this album. I think that MercyMe has produced a top quality piece of Kingdom growing music with “Welcome to the New”,  and if you ask me, the ‘new’ is the more rocky feel to the album.

Nevertheless, this album is great and you should listen to it. and then buy it, and then listen to it again, only super loud.

Song of the week this week goes to New lease on life

Have a rocking week


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