When you discover a band by reading an article entitled “Band Plays a Hospital Room Show for SXSW Hit-and-Run Victim”, you have, more than likely, struck gold!

Jared & the Mill, a six-piece indie, folk-rock band from Arizona, have made a real impact on the music scene recently. Since forming in 2011, the band has not only built strong bonds amongst themselves, but also with their ever-growing fan-base. 

The successful Kickstarter campaign is testament to the band’s talent and popularity. In mid-2013, the band started a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter which successfully raised enough money for them to release their debut album!

The Western Expansion, speaks of where the band has been, where they are now, and where they are heading. According to the band, some of their oldest songs can be found on the album, alongside songs that were written just a few weeks before release.

The band’s numerous influences filter through the album, providing the listener with a variety of different songs. Whether it’s a slow, balled-esque song you seek, or a more “let’s dance on tables” song, this album has it all. As is the case with many folk artists, the lyrics are deep, heartfelt, honest and easy to relate to. The country/folky sounds of the accordion and banjo combined with a truly captivating vocal performance from Jared Kolesar make for an album not to be missed!!

Similar artists: The Lumineers, Rend Collective


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