Being a South African brought up by a British mother and German father has led to an interesting taste in music. I remember listening to The Beatles, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Status Quo, Elvis, Elton John and Queen everyday on my way to school. My taste in music was definitely shaped by my parent’s shared love of rock. None of us listened to any pop or hip hop…the sound just didn’t gel with us. For a long while Linkin Park was my favourite band but, when I became a Christian, I started to explore what Christian Rock bands were out there. I was never really into the slower ‘worship’ bands like Hillsong or Jesus Culture…like a true rocker, I wanted something to headbang to! RED, Skillet and TFK provided just the kind of music I was looking for.

Although I still love rock, I have found that my taste in music has slowed down somewhat. Bands like Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Johnny Flynn and Bear’s Den really altered what I appreciated about music. It was no longer about the beat and sound, but more about the lyrics and their meanings.

I know this list may seem eclectic, but it’s reflective of the musical journey I’m on…

Peace and Love


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