You are one of 7 billion people. In 1 of about 189 countries. On a small planet in a solar system with 8 different planets. This solar system is situated in a galaxy with millions of other galaxies. Our galaxy floats about with hundreds of thousands of other galaxies in an infinite universe. You are ridiculously, hilariously, and irrefutably insignificant.

It’s really easy to feel small when you look at the world that way. Staring at the big blacky-blue abyss of space, seeing the white lights of heaven piercing through the darkness, it’s easy to feel small. I’m quite a short person, and I often feel small next to pretty much anyone. I don’t really need an excuse to feel even smaller. This is why I like baby apples. Whenever I hold one it makes me feel big. “Look at me, now I’m a giant” is what I always think.

In life we like to have things that make us feel bigger, our baby apples. We try to live an extraordinary life of significance. It’s printed all over the media, in psychology books and magazines. Some say the best way to do this is by connecting with people, getting to know someone and meeting people outside of your regular social circle. This often means going outside of your comfort zone. Others will say that significance is having a family, living for your children, having a legacy that way. Then there are those who believe that we should set goals for ourselves, making sure we regularly check on these goals to monitor our significant progress.

I set goals for my 25 year old self when I was 16. I set goals that I said I need to have achieved by the time I turn 25. Let’s do a recap, I turn 25 in about 6 months. My first goal was to have a booming career… I’ve only just finished studying. I wanted to be on track to getting married, or at least engaged… still single… and ready to mingle? Maybe? The third goal was to backpack the world… well, I’ve been to a few countries, but no, I have not even backpacked in my own country. I can just imagine my 16 year old self looking at me saying “So, I get to your age and I don’t have a wife, I don’t have a career, and I still don’t have facial hair?!”

I think we tend to get caught up in the concept of living a “significant” life. We get told lies by movies and magazines that we need these baby apples in our lives. We get told we need things to live a life of significance we have to be significant. We have to have a check list of things we need to accomplish. I think I have discovered a secret. You don’t need baby apples to live a significant life. Out of trillions of galaxies, amongst trillions of solar systems, out of eight planets, out of over 180 countries and 7 billion people there’s you. You, with your own special genetic code. You, who has had unique experiences, circumstances, and ups and downs. Others depend on you for love, and you are dependent on others for love. The God of the universe sent His son to die for you. He loves you and wants what is best for you. Here’s the secret, you are extraordinarily, indescribably, and undeniably significant.

Stay Awesome Everyone,


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