I started a new job on 2 February – 2 weeks ago. It has been an exciting experience, but I would be lying if I said that there haven’t been some mixed emotions too. After all, the thought of never having a 3 month end-of-year holiday again is quite distressing, along with the thought of not being able to wake up at 10am if I so choose. This is real life now – adulthood. It’s time to man up, to embrace adulthood, and to put on those metaphorical big-boy pants.

I have really enjoyed my first 2 weeks, and I feel truly blessed to be in this position. During this short amount of time, I have been exposed to many schools of thought about corporate life, and have had some time to ponder and pray about it.

Too many of us look at corporate jobs as something we just “have to do”, rather than doing the work because we love it and want to do it. That mentality unfortunately results in us living for 5pm, living for the weekend, and living for the next pay check. It leads to simply existing, rather than living to fulfil our mission on earth. If we get entrapped in the “rat race”, we will become distanced from God’s calling for our lives and we will feel a sense of emptiness.

I believe we need to constantly check in with ourselves to ensure that we are making decisions for the right reasons, and to ensure that we are seizing opportunities to be a positive influence on our colleagues every day, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

We can ask ourselves the following questions each day as a loose metric for a productive day in the workplace:

  • Did I do my work to the best of my ability today?
  • Did I add value to the lives of those around me?
  • Did I show leadership where appropriate?
  • Did I learn anything that will be of value to me or those around me in future?

If we actively seek to answer “yes” to each (or most) of these every day, then I believe we will be putting ourselves in a position where firstly, we will enjoy (and even savour) each day at work, and most importantly, we can use our workplace as a means through which to further God’s Kingdom and shine His light to touch the lives of others.

How great would it be if Sunday evenings resulted in feelings of uncontainable excitement as opposed to bewildering anxiety?

I propose that we look at Monday as the first day in a series of 5 fantastic opportunities for God to use us to impact lives and change the world. Let’s get excited for Monday!

Peace amigos


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